Pretty  Girl Blues

Jearlean Taylor

(Published Author)

Miracle, Survivor, Overcomer

"Secrets" hurt and she is not hiding hers anymore!


Jearlean Alston-Taylor



Pretty Girl Blues Comments and Reviews

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Dr. Rev. Therm M. James Sr.

This book is very inspirational. It is a must read.



I received your book yesterday and have begun reading it. All I can say is WOW! You are a definitely a blessed woman.


Pastor Norman Eaton

I must say that you never looked like what you were going through.  It is A GREAT testimony and a great tribute to Pastor James. I can tell he has and continues to be an inspiration in your life.


I have not put it down YET, it is WONDERFUL, thus far. I would have never imagine, but your life story is a testimony and will HELP & BLESS so MANY OTHERS!!!!!!



First, let me say THANK YOU for sharing such an Amazing but personal part of your life. I cannot begin to wrap my mind around all that you had to endure but through it all GOD kept you and you still have praise inside of you. I write you the message that song started playing in my head. You are one Amazing beacon of light and it is my sincerely pray that this is one of many books/novels to come. I am very certain that anyone who READS your material will not have a dry eye once they are done. Beautiful woman; May God continues to richly bless you in ALL that you ENCOUNTER. Your testimonial is an inspiration to me as well as many others. I am so very HAPPY to have met you but more importantly to become your friend.



I have already read up to page 45. All I can say is "wow". Nothing like curling up in bed with a good book, “Pretty Girl Blues”.



OMG!! How am I going to work today ???? I cannot put this book down!  I loved your bio! Perfect title... You never know what someone is dealing with based on outward appearances! I found it selfless of you to even include your family, their thoughts and feelings too! My coworker is reading it now.



Talk Lately Show

Thank you Jearlean for being a wonderful guest tonight. It was great digging into your triumphant life further.



I'm loving this book! Almost done reading it! You do not know someone's story until they tell it! Such a wonderful testimony! You have accomplished a lot and I am very proud of u! Love ya Jearlean



Ms. Kitty

The book was so uplifting and I could not put it down.



This book is very inspirational. I am so proud of you.



I received my book last night. I am finish reading it. I  cried then prayed right after I finish. God bless & thank you allowing me to share a short period of life with you.






Jearl I just got finish reading your book it touched me in so many ways not just from your testimony but from others also.. I have known you for years even stayed out your house when I was younger & never knew was going through so much pain. You have always been one of the sweetest people I knew & just reading your book makes me love you even more. I have been through so much in my life and sometimes I question why me but I always remember the saying, God does not put more on you than you can bare.  I want to thank you for always being a role model to me and now a role model in my daughter life. She adores you so much I know I stayed away when I was younger but I promise I will not let Lady stray away. We love you so much & always will.



It is a blessing to witness what God is doing in the lives of His people! AAAMMMMMAAZZZZIINNNGGGG publication Jearl! What's so wonderful is that you've only JUST begun. This baring of your heart, mind, & soul has tapped into a major society vein that needs healing. We cannot love ourselves as God does until we understand His plan of salvation and what that kind of love is. Once that happens, as you have beautifully expressed, the masks come off and the shields are lowered. I am rejoicing NOW for the victorious impact that is coming. Psalm 139 is my anchor when I question "why?" I am proud of you and encouraged! WON'T HE DO IT?



Received "Pretty Girl Blues" in the mail last night and was done reading it by this afternoon.
If you need inspiration to push through any situation you are dealing with right now, this is the book for you! An unbelievable story of strength, triumph and faith in the midst of a life changing illness. I will share your story with my daughter Erin as inspiration for her to accept and deal with her chronic illness. 



Jearl, I was thoroughly and wholeheartedly blessed and encouraged by your book! What a life of strength, resilience, determination and perseverance, empowered by God's love, grace, mercy and favor! Indeed, my soul was blessed. Thank you for allowing Christ to have His way in your life as He has created you to be a powerful blessing to others. May God continue to give you strength to do His Will always.